Asesoramiento personalizado y soluciones informáticas a medida

We support you in all your projects by offering the best service of computer specialists to develop your ideas and take you hand in hand, with the security of having the right personnel dedicated to your business needs.



Professional technical service in repairing all types of computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Screens, Monitors and Consoles.



Análisis y desarrollo de proyectos para empresas y particulares. WEB pages, Electronic Shops, Applications, Databases. Custom Programming.



Soporte y mantenimiento informático en Hardware & Software, Networks, WEB pages, Applications, CCTV surveillance, DVR recorders, TPV



Diseño gráfico, ilustración web y multimedia, dossiers, brochures, catalogues, imagen corporativa, layout of magazines and newspapers.


Repair of computers
Professional technical service in Getafe
Professional technical service specializing in computer repair.
We don't just work to solve your problem, but you will also receive the best tips to make sure your computer has a long and useful life. We repair computer breakdowns of any make and model.
If your team … see more


Home computer scientists in Madrid
Express Technical Service
Express IT service to Home in Madrid at no cost of travel
More and more people are requesting a home computer service. The convenience of being able to solve the problems that our teams may have without having to move us from home is … see more


Website Development
Team of professional technicians specialized in the development of web pages
Within our IT development service we have the Web Design and Web Development of corporate websites, online catalogues, Portals, online websites and Virtual Stores with card receivables solutions (e-Commerce), Websites … see more


Computer Maintenance for Business and Private
We offer professional it maintenance technical service for businesses and individuals
Computer maintenance consists of a series of actions that ensure the proper functioning of all computer equipment, both software and hardware. Our team of COMPUTER technicians performs … see more


Mobile phone repair
Professional Technical Service
Professional technical service specialized in mobile phone repair
We are a team of expert professionals in mobile repair. We have the best tools to solve your team's problem. We repair all models, among which are brands like Apple, … see more


We do not repair monitors with physical screen breaks with visible internal or outdoor damage and larger than 20" inches.

Technical service in screen and monitor repair
Professional technical service specialized in the repair of screens and monitors
At InformaticaPro we have a technical service to repair screens and monitors. … see more


Console and tablet repair service
Professional Technical Service specialized in the repair of consoles and tablets
It is currently difficult to find a professional technical service for repairing trusted consoles and tablets. Technology surrounds our lives and complements all our usual activities. Electronic devices accompany us during … see more


Base Plate Repair Service
Technical service specialized in motherboard repair and reballing
One of the most complicated repairs on any device is the repair of the motherboard. The first step is to detect the problem, and for that you need the right tools. Our team of technicians … see more


Custom Computers - Custom Assembly
Technical computer equipment specialized in custom assembly of custom custom computers
When hiring our custom computer assembly service you will have the expert advice of professionals with extensive experience that will recommend those components more suitable depending on the use you go … see more


Installing surveillance cameras
Professional service specialized in installation of surveillance cameras
Installing surveillance cameras correctly and according to user needs is key to achieving high-efficiency goals. Proper selection of technical equipment, like IP cameras (Internet Protocol), CCTV cameras … see more


Improving computer performance

The passage of time is not only physically noticeable in people, but the years also take an invoice for our teams. A computer does not … see more

What is the digitization of a business?
Digitization provides huge growth opportunities for all types of businesses

Digitization is the process through which we convert any analog information … see more

What is an operating system?
An operating system is the set of software (system software)

An operating system (SO) is the structure that supports and manages all programs and … see more

HDD or SSD. What's the best option to choose?
HDD vs SSD, what's the best option to choose? Hard drives (Hdd) and solid-state units (RS%) … see more

  • Basic


    10% discount for annual recruitment

    2GB RAID10 SSD Storage
    4 core CPU XEON a 2,40 GHz
    4 GB RAM DDR3 Dedicated
    Unlimited Transfer
    Datacenter Spanish (IP)
    5 Subdomains
    10 Mailing lists
    5 FTP Accounts
    5 Databases
  • Premium


    10% discount for annual recruitment

    10GB RAID10 SSD Storage
    6 core CPU XEON a 2,40 GHz
    6 GB RAM DDR3 Dedicated
    Unlimited Transfer
    Datacenter Spanish (IP)
    50 Subdomains
    50 Mailing lists
    20 FTP Accounts
    20 Databases

IT Solutions and Tailor-made Development

Tailor-made IT solutions, we design and develop your projects

We contribute IT solutions of all kinds within the Information Technology sector, from corporate websites to online stores or e-commerce to developments and programming to measures, IT support services, web hosting, etc.
We help you create your website to elevate your project results on the network. We propose a personalized design, developed by a team of experienced professionals working with the latest technology on the market.
We develop tailored software solutions. We offer you a responsive and visible design on all kinds of devices, modern and adapted to your corporate identity. With our service you can update your internet presence with the perfect design integration, Strategy, technology and marketing at the service of your customers to achieve results. You can ask for a quote without obligation.

Personalized Computer Advice

We have a team of professional technicians for your personalized computer advice

We provide a personalized computer advice, planned and executed according to the requirements of our customers, with IT solutions designed to tailor the technology to your needs. We work on the development of projects of all sizes, no limits in terms of functionalities or design, aiming to reach your goal and be able to be satisfied with your project.
Our team of professionals will guide you at all times in the process. We also have a service telephone advice to make sure we maintain full availability for our customers.

Computer Maintenance Solutions

We provide computer support and maintenance

We offer solution service in Hardware and Software computer maintenance for both companies and individuals. Computer maintenance is of the utmost importance if we want to extend the life of our equipment, systems or web pages. In Informatics PRO we provide solutions to all kinds of computer maintenance, whether predictive, preventive or corrective. To do this, you'll put yourself in the hands of a team of experienced specialists.
For our it solutions in maintenance we have a service collection and delivery of equipment no travel costs in cases where the home is within our free travel coverage area. You can check our coverage area Home service for more information.
If you live outside Madrid you can also count on us, because we serve all of Spain. In these cases, you can send us your team to our workshop in Getafe. To do this, the customer will bear the costs of transport and must contact us before making the shipment.

Solutions for Business Digitization

We increase the performance of your business with solutions for its digitization

With the rise of the Internet, e-commerce and the globalization of the technology market, The digitization of business becomes increasingly prevalent and opens the door to great growth opportunities. We provide a comprehensive service to develop your business on the Internet, from design to POS advice and installation (Point-of-Sale Terminals) for shops.
Our IT solutions for business digitization include communication plans through texts on the SEO-based landing page for SEO-based websites and e-commerces, online marketing strategies with market analysis and competition trends, social media management, imagen corporativa, catalogues, brochures, ilustración web y multimedia, and much more.

IT Solutions – Technical Services

Technical service specialized in IT solutions for individuals and companies

The TECHNICAL Team of Informatics PRO offers IT solutions to both individuals and companies. Within this service we are specialists in design and repair of both hardware and software, necessary for optimal computer deployment of your electronic devices.
We make sure to offer a top-quality full service including: computer support, Consulting, Security, Facilities, cloud services, among others. Our professionals have extensive experience in all kinds of IT solutions and are ready to work with the latest technology on the market and meet the needs of our customers to meet their different objectives.
For companies without a IT solutions department, it is essential to have a specialized technical team that develops and maintains the computer structure of businesses in perfect condition for its most efficient operation.

Solutions for surveillance cameras and CCTV

Installation of video surveillance cameras and CCTV systems

We offer you a service installation and configuration of video surveillance and CCTV systems (CCTV) for the safety of your home or business with the most advanced technology. This system is valid for companies, businesses and homes.
The CCTV system uses the latest wired data transfer technology to ensure continuous surveillance with a secure installation. We install high-quality surveillance cameras that allow you to view in real time from anywhere with any of your devices.