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Computer Mounting PRO offer Computers as. We also have many different kinds of computers with both new and second-hand configurations - with or without operating system. Our prices are very affordable and competitive. All our products are subject to statutory warranty.

If you prefer to assemble a computer according to your need, Computer equipment PRO offers professional technical advice to achieve the best quality - price. If you want to get the best performance for your machine Ask for advice from our engineers and choose the main parts for your computer - Placa Base, Processor, Memoria RAM, Graphic card, Power Supply and Cooling.

Our Recommendations:

Range computers Medium - Low

  • These types of computers are perfect for browsing and office automation. No need to make any major investment. In this case, our priority will be the speed of navigation and multimedia environment. They can be mounted with pieces of mid-range - low.

Range computers Medium - High

  • If you're a graphic designer, Architect or you love the world of photography, The video and / or sound, you have to work with specific hardware and software. Such computers must be assembled with parts midrange - high.

High-end computers

  • If your tion are PC games and want to play all the latest at full resolution, need these machines - fitted with high-end pieces. We work with leading brands in quality and performance such as Cooler Master, Lian Li, OCZ, Corsair, Scythe, SilenX, etc, that will make you enjoy every minute of play.


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Fitting Custom Computers
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