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Technical computer equipment specialized in custom assembly of custom custom computers

By hiring our computer assembly service tailor-made you will have the expert advice of professionals with extensive experience that will recommend those components that are most suitable depending on the use you will give (Games, design, Office, Companies...) and your budget.

Similarly,, if you have clear the pieces you want to incorporate into your new computer, we will work to offer you the best price and ensure the compatibility of each of the components. We can ride a Cheap PC with basic parts, one for use intensive and professional or a PC to play. You can ask for a quote without obligation.



Computers to the letter

You can customize your PC on demand with our professional technical team

In addition to the assembling custom computers, In Informatica we have a wide variety of computers with different types of configurations, both new and second-hand and with or without operating system. Our prices are very affordable and competitive. All our products are subject to a mandatory warranty.

If you prefer to mount your computer according to your needs, we offer you professional technical advice to ensure the best value for money. If you want to get the best performance for your machine, let yourself be advised by our specialists, who will choose the main pieces for your computer: Placa Base, Memoria RAM, Processor, Graphic Card, Power Supply and Cooling.



Custom settings for all types of computers

We carry out the assembly to your liking of all kinds of computers by professionals

In Informatica PRO we assemble custom computers with the latest technology and components from prestigious brands at tight prices, designed to meet any specific needs of the most demanding customers. Our top priority is to ensure your satisfaction, Before, during and after purchase.

We make all kinds of computer mounts: Office desktops, computers for design studies, workstations, high-performance computers and computers Gaming.

Mid-Low-Range Computers

These types of computers are perfect for navigation and office: surf the internet, watch movies, or some punctual game of few graphic requirements. You don't need to make any investments. In this case, our priority will be the speed of navigation and the multimedia environment. They can be assembled with parts of mid-low range. As far as possible, it is advisable to include a solid-state drive (an SSD) for the operating system and common applications because it greatly accelerates the performance of the computer.

Mid-High-Range Computers

If you're a graphic designer, Architect, or you're passionate about the world of photography, the video and/or the sound, you have to work with specific hardware and software. Such computers must be mounted with parts of mid-high range.

High-end computers

If your passion is PC games and you want to play all the latest at its top resolution, you need these kinds of machines, mounted with high-end parts. We work with leading quality and performance brands such as Cooler Master, Lian Li, OCZ, Corsair, Scythe, SilenX, etc, that will make you enjoy every minute of play.



Customize your PC to measure with professionals

We take care of riding, test and optimize your computer as you measure

Assembling a custom computer it can be complicated, especially if we want to get a balanced team. One of the most important points is the choice of each component, where a wrong decision can affect the end result. Having a team of professionals to guide your choice will ensure the success of the whole process.

Advantages of custom computer mounting with PRO Computing

  • Completely free budget. Without any obligation on your part.
  • Mounting performed by specialist technicians with years of demonstrable experience.
  • Quality. We take care of every detail of our service for the maximum satisfaction of our customers
  • Economy. You'll pay the right price for what you need
  • Warranty. All the computers and components we sell have a mandatory guarantee
  • We like what we do. We are constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Components needed to assemble a custom PC

  • The power supply: the first thing is to select the power supply that best suits what you have in mind and install it in the drawer chassis.
  • The Processor:
  • Placa Base: should be perfectly aligned in the tray and then fastened with the screws designed for this purpose
  • Memoria RAM: for installation, banks in memory are first identified and modules are placed carefully, without using too much force, until you check that the piece is completely hooked.
  • Wiring: consists of connecting the cables to the motherboard. In this process, it is important to consult the manufacturing manual of the component, to know exactly how they should be connected.
  • Other plates: we can incorporate other boards into the computer, such as WiFi, Ethernet or video
  • Internal devices: we connect other devices that are located on the inside of the PC, starting with the installation of the hard drive.

Why do we need a custom computer?

When we talk about custom computers, we mean computers designed and adapted to meet the needs of a person or persons at work or in their particular use. It's about having a computer team with exactly what we're going to need depending on the activity that we want to develop with it.

The advantage of having a custom computer is that we won't fall short of resources for the activity we do and we're not going to pay more for a team with any features and resources that we have left.

A bespoke team will always be the best option because it strikes the balance between the necessary computing resources and their price. We pay fairly for the features we need, confident that we will optimize every last euro invested.

Assembling a PC from scratch will be cheaper than buying an already assembled computer. This will give you room to your budget and allow you to have a more powerful team, with higher quality and with an equal or lower investment.

It is very common for people to buy computers already assembled or closed, previously structured by manufacturers, and where we can only choose from the few varieties of configuration. That's why, when you decide assemble your computer to measure, you'll have the ability to choose quality components, and you'll just need to spend what you need to get what you're really looking for.

If you have questions, questions or need budget, contact us.


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