Surveillance Cameras


Installing surveillance cameras

Professional service specialized in installation of surveillance cameras

The installation of surveillance cameras correctly and according to user needs is key to achieving high-efficiency goals. Proper selection of technical equipment, like IP cameras (Internet Protocol), CCTV cameras (Closed circuit television), lenses, DVR system technologies (conventional or megapixels), They are the basis for project success.

The CCTV systems let us know what's going on, both in real time and through the recordings made, and even remotely from anywhere. This system is valid for companies, businesses and homes.

In Informatica we are specialists in solutions video surveillance, we study in advance and in a personalized way the specific needs of each client and present the right offer to each case. Well request your budget without obligation.



Installation and configuration of CCTV systems

We offer CCTV system installation and configuration service with comprehensive surveillance assistance

With our CCTV installation and configuration service we offer you comprehensive surveillance assistance. This technology is designed so that multiple people can monitor and control wide spaces from different perspectives, reinforcing security at all times. Our service is equipped with the latest video analysis technologies. It is a highly reliable system that can supplant the function of a security watchdog.

With the installation of a CCTV that allows remote access to your devices, a monitoring and monitoring system can be formed in several areas without the need for on-site security personnel. Our telesurveillance service makes it up staff specializing in supervisory work.



Installation of all types of cameras and recorders

We include all kinds of cameras and recorders to offer a complete video surveillance service

In Informatica we are aware of the importance of security today, that's why we design the best video surveillance systems for your business, community of neighbors, Urbanizations, offices and industrial warehouses, logistics hubs, Warehouses, etc.

Our video surveillance service includes:

  • Digital and analog recorders
  • Sale and installation of fixed cameras, Sound and mechanized (Dome)
  • Installation and maintenance of CCTV equipment according to standards
  • We set up IP cameras on-premises or remotely



Maintenance surveillance cameras

We offer maintenance service for surveillance campers

Any video surveillance system without a proper maintenance cannot effectively exercise its security function and legal guarantees. But talk about maintenance, it's not just referring to the bug fix in the video surveillance system, focus security cameras, clean video surveillance equipment etc.

The maintenance service consists of:

  • Recording management, whether the storage is done on local physical media (hard drives or memory cards), as if they are done in external media (Cloud).
  • Device maintenance: optical cleaning, cable, device replacement, installing and configuring additional devices on the system.



Advantages of our video surveillance system

Quality video surveillance system in accordance with current regulations

Surveillance cameras are a very important element of deterrence. Security systems have been shown to reduce business losses, whether commercial, business or industrial.

Video surveillance is an increasingly demanded sector with constant changes in both technology and regulations, our video surveillance systems are fully adapted to change. In all facilities we inform the customer of the current regulations to comply with the data protection law, very important issue in order to avoid sanctions.

With our video surveillance service you will have:

  • Video surveillance from any device
  • High Security IP Cameras
  • Protection and authentication system
  • Maximum image quality

Types of surveillance cameras:

  • Outdoors or indoors with movement and Zoom
  • With infrared night vision
  • Anti-vandals for the city streets, parks and other uses, every see more used
  • For traffic and road surveillance
  • Cameras Megapixel high image quality
  • With interchangeable optics
  • Hidden cameras in strategic locations
  • IP surveillance cameras, cameras via GSM and GPRS
  • For alarms via Wifi or 4g to access from a computer, or phone
  • Dome and Bullet security camera

Surveillance camera connections:

  • By network cable: It's the most typical way to connect, fast and safe. Offers a very large level of security when it is UTP or FTP/SFTP network cable, the video transmission speed is very high, it's ideal for small offices or homes.
  • By analog cable: its main advantage is that it has no limitation of meters of cable, but the main disadvantage is that you'll need NVRs that are compatible to see the different cameras.
  • By WIFI wireless system: you just need to have a plug nearby, and a wireless access point with good coverage for the IP camera.

Video recorder and camera systems:

  • CVBS or ANALOG: the cameras of this system are simple to install and use coaxial cable to transmit the video signal allowing even distances of 300m. Its resolution is measured in horizontal tv lines (Tvl).
  • IP: It consists of a digital signal that is transmitted through the IP protocol, becoming known to cameras of this format as network cameras or IP cameras. Its installation is more complex and requires some knowledge. Allows high-resolution video, which is expressed in Megapixels.
  • HD-SDI: High Definition Serial Digital Interface it is an uncompressed digital signal for high-resolution video with progressive scanning that allows it to be transmitted by coaxial cable with the same simplicity as in the analogue system, but with maximum distances of 100m.
  • HD-CVI: High Definition Composite Video Interface is an analog composite video signal that allows high-definition video to be transmitted via coaxial cable analogous to the conventional system. Allows you to stream video, audio and data via a single coaxial cable at distances of 300-500m.
  • HDTVI: High Definition Transport Video Interface is a new open standard of 720p and 1080p high definition video transmission on coaxial cable. Works up to 500m, allowing existing analogue installations to be reused, even using UTP cable. It is possible to incorporate the audio into the video signal, as well as data, allowing menu configuration and PTZ control of HDTVI cameras via the coaxial cable itself.
  • TRIBRID: Handles 3 different technologies: Traditional ANALOG AT a maximum resolution of 960H IP technology at 1080p resolution and HDCVI or HDTVI 1080p/720p technology being able to interact each on the same computer.


All our facilities are attached to a file security, as required by the Act

If you opt for safety, you need to install cameras, recording equipment or want to see an IP camera via your mobile phone, contact us.


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