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Express Technical Service

Express IT service to Home in Madrid at no cost of travel

Every day more and more people are applying for a home computer service. The convenience of being able to solve the problems that our teams may have without having to move us from home is undoubtedly a more reliable alternative for most people, looking avoid travel costs.

If you live in Madrid and your computer is damaged or not working properly and you don't want to scroll to a repair site, or you'd rather it be repaired at your own home, you can count on us to make a quote on-site computer support.

Nowadays it is much necessary to fluidly the operating systems of computers, both for those who use it in the office and for video game lovers. Almost the 50% Spanish households have a laptop. Despite the emergence of Smartphones and Tablet, the computer has proven to be one of the most durable products.

Computers are an important work tool and an ideal team for leisure and entertainment. Any breakdown in these devices is a big problem for the development of our usual activities. That is why it is very important to have a trusted professional technical team.



Free home computer service coverage in Madrid

The coverage of our free home computer service in the community of Madrid is:


Madrid – capital and the south of Madrid

The southern zone includes the municipalities of Madrid:


  • Alcorcón
  • Getafe
  • Fuenlabrada
  • Pinto
  • Illescas
  • Griñon
  • Human Madrid
  • Cubas de la Sagra
  • Leganes
  • Mostoles
  • Speaks
  • Valdemoro
  • Torrejon de Velasco
  • Torrejon de la Calzada
  • Casarrubuelos
  • Moraleja de Enmedio



If your municipality is not in our service coverage please contact us and ask us for quote with no obligation.


You can contact us here:




Repairing computers at home in Madrid

Computer Technical Service – Hardware y Software

Repair of home computers in Madrid at no cost of travel

If you need home computer repair because you have problems with your equipment and don't want to move to take it to a repair shop, or simply prefers that your computer be repaired at your own home by a professional computer scientist, you can count on us to make a quote on-site computer support.

Simply call us or contact us via our form contact. We will answer and shall confine the time and date for a free home visit, respecting their availability.



Set up Home Networking in Madrid

Urgent Network Technical Service

We provide urgent on-site computer support in Madrid specializing in networks

In InformaticaPro we have a specialized it service in home networks in Madrid to solve your problem in a way urgently needed since comfort of your home, without having to face transportation costs. You don't have to move your team somewhere else either., avoiding in this way that it can fall and spoil even more.

We support Windows OS devices in all versions, Computers with MacOs, servers and networks, regardless of technology hardware O software implement for management. We perform tight base configurations to meet your exact workload needs with RAM, RS%, GPU and more.

Networks are a computer technology that allows communication between different devices. From InformaticaPro we do network authentication, proactive network maintenance and resolve any problems or incidents that may occur. We advise you on the design, installation, Configuration, commissioning and maintaining your computer network.

The project installing a network should be designed according to the needs of the customer's computer equipment. We solve all problems that may arise from the starting point of the network to install the wiring. We install your computer network and offer a total guarantee in the installation because we have professional technicians specialized in the installation and structured wiring of voice and data cables.

We see if memory usage and disk drive access is correct. We review other parameters such as the operating system services required for the system. We make sure that the network speed is adequate and we check the network services that must be operational for the proper functioning of the same.

Management and maintenance of LAN networks:

Good management and maintenance of LAN networks allows us to:

  • Have a control and monitoring of network health, troubleshooting and access to network resources.
  • Make efficient use of the network and make better use of resources, for instance, bandwidth or peripherals connecting to that network.
  • Making the network safer, protecting it from unauthorized access. Security protocols, firewall or policies.
  • Control network changes and updates so that they cause as little disruption to service to users as possible.



Home COMPUTER assistance in Madrid

Hardware y Software

Hardware and Software Repair at Home in Madrid

We are a computer team in Madrid with great experience in the repair of Hardware and Software Home. We'll solve your breakdown in record time and without having to move anywhere. We have high knowledge of virus and operating system technologies. We will not keep your device without working on the incident.

The Hardware and the Software are the body and soul respectively of any computer system. Both terms are used to refer to two different aspects, but totally complementary to any computerized system. The Hardware it's the physical and tangible, while the software it's virtual and digital.

The hardware it's the mechanical set, electrical or electronic parts that make up the body of a team. These are: the plates, Cards, integrated circuits, Mechanisms, electrical devices, processors, support and machine connection.

In these cases our on-site IT technicians are specialized for solve hardware incidents on site, providing a transparent solution and protecting customer data. When it is not possible to perform on-site computer support and it is necessary to collect the equipment to transfer it to our workshop, you don't have to worry, because our collection service is free to the south of Madrid.

The software is the virtual content of the system: programs, Applications, communication instructions and protocols that serve as an interface with the user and control how the system operates, and give it a sense. We're talking about the brains of the system.

In case of problems or facilities of Software, our technicians can move to your home or remotely connect to your equipment and perform the repair/installation. You simply have to call us or contact us through our form contact. We will respond to your request and specify the time and date for a free home visit, respecting their availability.



Quick Computing in Madrid – Home assistance

Fast quality on-site computing service in Madrid

Our computer technicians they work with the best tools that will allow a fast and quality service, with optimal support from your equipment to improve productivity and extend its lifespan. You can apply Repair, maintenance and computer advice.

Repairs we make include updates, Improvements, optimization of your operating system and internet browsers. All our actions include virus review on your computer equipment and advice on the steps to follow so that it does not refer to your computer issue.

When you contact our on-site service, our computer scientists will move to your location in no time from your call or at the time previously agreed on the phone appointment, an effective and quick solution that allows you to keep working, sending emails or surfing the internet.

Speed in it service is one of the factors that customers tend to value positive deformed. We must keep in mind that any equipment that needs either a repair, maintenance or computer advice, it's an indispensable tool for the user.

Advantages of The Home Computer Service in Madrid

On-site service in Madrid for the repair of computers of all kinds without travel costs

  • No need to move: the convenience and resource savings of not having to move is one of the main advantages of home repair service. Charging with a computer, waiting for them to call us when work is finished and then coming home sounds like something out of the 21st century.
  • Less waiting time: being so long without a computer is an idea that haunts us. The on-site technical assistance offers us a solution to our problems in record time.
  • Assisting on-site repair: as a customer you'll feel safer if you can observe the whole repair process firsthand.
  • Possibility to learn: if you like computer science and you're curious to know you can make any questions to the technician who assists you. Being present in the repair of your equipment will allow you to exchange experiences, share and acquire knowledge that may be useful to you for another time.
  • Increased confidentiality: on the computer we store a lot of personal information: Photos, Contacts, documents and personal data. Although part of the IT professional's task is the confidentiality of these, it's always a peace of mind for us that such precious information doesn't leave home.

Home IT technical service process in Madrid

  • We receive a call from the customer and an approximate assessment of the repair is made.
  • If the customer accepts the proposal, we sent one of our technicians to repair the breakdown on site.
  • We perform the on-site diagnosis, if everything is right, repairs, only in case of differences is the budget re-calculated, if accepted is repaired.
  • In the event that they cannot be repaired on site, the team is removed, repaired and delivered back to the customer's home.



On-site ita/Madrid

We do all kinds of computer maintenance at home in Madrid.

In InformaticaPro We repair and comprehensive maintenance of on-site computer equipment in Madrid to extend the life of your device. We take care of the breakdowns of your equipment so that they have an optimal and safe operation. You won't get any cost surprises, budgets or travel rates.

Advantages of computer maintenance

  • Low cost against unexpected corrective interventions.
  • Reducing the risk of failure
  • Reduces the likelihood of unplanned stops
  • Allows you to plan investments, because we anticipate the failures
  • Increasing equipment life
  • Keep your equipment up to date
  • Data protected from failures and failures with backups
  • Advice, status reports, Tracking


Ask us for assistance without obligation

We will send a computer technician to resolve your problem as soon as possible.


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