Consoles Repair Tablets

Consoles Repair Tablets

Console and tablet repair service

Professional Technical Service specialized in the repair of consoles and tablets

It is currently difficult to find a service professional console and tablet repair technician trustworthy. Technology surrounds our lives and complements all our usual activities. Electronic devices accompany us throughout the day, that's why we always want them to be at peak performance. The consoles and tablets are no exception.

Our technicians repair or update your console or tablet as soon as possible and professionally. With our work you will get a guarantee depending on the type of repair that is performed.



Pick-up and delivery of consoles and tablets at home

We have a home pick-up and drop-off service with no travel costs

Sometimes certain types of repairs cannot be performed at the customers' home and it is necessary to move the damaged equipment to our workshop, when this happens you have nothing to worry about. In InformaticaPro we have home pick-up and drop-off service without charging travel costs in cases where your domicile is in our free travel zone. To get this information, you can check out our coverage area Home service.

While our workshop is physically located in Getafe, Our IT technical service is for all of Spain.


Check out the coverage of our free home computer service in the community of Madrid:

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Repairing all types of Consoles and Tablets

We are a team of computer technicians specialized in the repair of all kinds of brands and models of consoles and tablets

We repairs of all kinds and for all models. We changed touch screens, Lcd, charging connectors, sim and micro sd readers, motherboard breakdowns, Shorts, usb ports, Hdmi, Reballing.

  • Consoles: Wii, Playstation, PSP, Xbox, Nintendo (all models)
  • Tablets: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Asus, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, LG, Benq, ZTE, HTC, Motorola, and many more

Taking into account the needs of each client we value each case to provide a personalized service that meets the demands of our users. You can ask for a quote without obligation.


Ask for a quote without obligation


Types of repairs on a console

Console repair by record-time computer experts

If your console doesn't start, failure presents video, not read CDs or have another breakdown, you need to update the software or improve your console.

Our qualified technicians will repair any breakdown of your video game console, using original parts so you can get the most out of it.

Installing software

There are some programs that allow you to expand the capabilities of the game console by running them from an external media. Such programs often allow the use of software import, as well as backups. Sometimes they are accompanied by pieces of hardware Complementary.

Installing the operating system

They are usually based on the installation of the original operating system of the game console. These facilities must be carried out by people with adequate technical training as they, otherwise, the game console could be significantly damaged.


It's about repairing or replacing the video chip or any other that may present the video game console error. It's a delicate job that should only be done by experts.



Types of tablet repair

Repairing tablets in the shortest time possible by expert computer scientists

If your tablet has a broken screen, does not show video, crashes, It restarts very often, lose coverage, doesn't start, you need to update the software, improve your tablet or any other breakdown.

Our team of expert technicians fixes any bugs in your Tablet in minimal time so you can continue using your device as soon as possible. When we buy these types of devices we expect them to be in the best possible condition. We are purchasing a product for the long term and do not want to encounter any faults that could affect its proper functioning.

Changing the touchscreen

If the screen works and the images are visible you can change only the glass of your Tablet. Based on each tablet model, there are many that can be fixed just by changing the broken touch glass. When you replace the glass the tablet will work properly again.

Full screen change

Breaking the glass can sometimes damage the internal LCD display as well. In addition, there are tablet models that use screens where the touch glass is glued with grape glue and it will not be possible to perform the repair just by replacing the glass. For these tablets it will be necessary to change the full screen (glass and internal LCD)

Charging connector

One of the most common breakdowns in tablets is that the micro charging port Usb it doesn't work. In most cases it will be necessary to replace the charging port with an original one. There are cases of tablets in which it will be necessary to replace the Flex full load to get out of the repair.

Volume and power button

If the tablet volume does not work or the power button has stopped working the tablet may stop turning on. That's why it will be necessary to replace the component.



Consoles and Tablets, the essentials of leisure and entertainment

A video game console it turns out to be a great device for leisure and entertainment, not just for children and young people, but also for adults. It's a team that uses the whole family, which has allowed an increase in this product on the market, and therefore, its price. Sometimes being so expensive, it is essential to keep it in good condition so that they have a long duration and we can use them efficiently.

Thanks to portable devices, we can do a lot of activities from anywhere you have internet connection. Nothing better than a Tablet for that. We use the tablet as much as a substitute for the PC when browsing the Internet and checking the mail, like to see recipes while cooking or to play something or read on the bus on the way to class or to work.

Main console failures

We fix the most common breakdowns in any console model, as they are:

  • PlayStation doesn't turn on, yellow light
  • PlayStation doesn't read games
  • Xbox doesn't turn on, 3 red lights
  • Xbox doesn't read games
  • Broken screen on Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS
  • Broken screen in PSP
  • PSP doesn't read games
  • BREAK into USB or internal connector on any console
  • Console does not show image
  • Change of BlueTooth in Wii
  • Repair Xbox and PlayStation controllers

How to take care of your console

  • Having your own space: It is important that when placing the console somewhere in the house it must have enough space and not be stacked with other electronic devices. This is because internally the console has a fan that disperses the heat from the device causing its parts not to overheat. If the device is in a very small space or together with other electronic equipment, this will cause the fan to malfunction causing overheating and even damage to one of the console devices by not cooling properly.
  • Avoid dust and dirt: all appliances are made up of internal parts that can be damaged by dirt. That's why you have to be very attentive to its surface cleaning so that no dust is introduced inside. The new consoles released are really delicate, which requires greater care and more consistent cleaning. To remove the dirt from your console, it is recommended to use a soft, dry cloth, rub it across the surface of the console until all the dust is removed from this.
  • Beware of wires: One of the biggest flaws that video game consoles can present are improper use of cables or breaking them due to mishandage. Keeping cables in good condition is critical to your console, because it depends on the connection of electricity, the video and sound that is generated. The cables end up being more delicate parts than the console itself. Internally if they are damaged there is no repair so they must be changed. For your care we must connect them and disconnect it properly always on the connector side and never by the cable directly.
  • Turning off the equipment after using it: Even though you believe that the device has the capacity to operate 24 hours of the day really isn't like that. Each console has a duration time and is determined by the number of hours used or suspended. All consoles need to go through a shutdown process to avoid any inconvenience in the
  • Use clean, original discs: any video game we place you can also cause you some kind of damage if it's not the right one or it's dirty, mainly to the reading heads of the console, so that they won't be able to use it again. If you really want to take care of the appliance you will have to clean the disc before placing it on the console, you'll also have to check that it's not a pirate video game and most importantly you'll never have to leave it long inside the team.


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