Motherboards Repair and Reballing

Repairing motherboards

Base Plate Repair Service

Technical service specialized in motherboard repair and reballing

One of the most complicated repairs on any device is the repair of the motherboard. The first step is to detect the problem, and for that you need the right tools. Our team of computer technicians specialized in this type of repairs has the right tools and machinery to discover and solve any breakdown of the motherboards, component failure, connector failure, broken tracks, etc.



Repair of all types of motherboards

We repair the motherboard of any electronic equipment – Laptops, tablets, consoles, mobile phones

The baseplate shapes the foundations of our devices. It depends heavily on the stability and proper functioning of our equipment. Fine-tuning a quality motherboard requires a lot of professional effort in it and engineering.

In Computing Pro we repair the motherboard of any device: computers, tablets, consoles, mobile phones. Our technicians are qualified to repair all brands of motherboards and breakdowns that continually arise in electronic equipment, as they are continuously formed to provide the best customer service.

Our priority is to provide quality professional and personalized service. That's why we analyze each particular case to provide the best possible solution to our customers. You can ask for a quote without obligation.


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Baseboards – home pick-up and drop-off

We offer free pick-up and drop-off service

We have home pick-up and drop-off service without charging travel costs in cases where your domicile is in our free travel zone. To get this information, you can check out our coverage area Home service.

Our workshop is located in Getafe, but our IT technical service is for all of Spain. Considering this scoop, they can send us their motherboard from anywhere in the country. In this case, transportation costs are borne by the customer. Before shipping, you must put yourself in the contact us.


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Types of motherboard repairs on computers

We perform all kinds of motherboard repairs on laptops and desktops

A computer's motherboard usually fails with some frequency. In the vast majority of cases it can be repaired. Our specialized technicians are prepared to find any faults in your board and repair it professionally, subject of a guarantee by repairing.

A laptop is made up of a motherboard, processor, Memory, Keyboard, hard drive, Screen, Cables, housings and screws. Everything is connected to the motherboard and this is responsible for receiving and managing the current, video signal, data entry and output

In Computing Pro we have different machinery to carry out all kinds of motherboard repairs on laptops and desktops, As, for instance:

  • Track repair
  • Repairing shorts on circuits
  • Repairing wet computer plates
  • Replacing mosfet
  • Change of Resistances
  • Capacitor Replacement
  • Fuse replacement

How to repair a computer's motherboard?

The first step in repairing a computer's motherboard is to disassemble all the equipment (Keyboard, Screen, Flex, hard drives, Connectors, etc) so that you can remove the motherboard. With the disassembled plate we make different measurements to locate that it is failing. Once the problem is located, we proceed to make the necessary repairs to get the motherboard working properly again.



Replacing capacitors and motherboard resistors

We take care of replacing capacitors and motherboard resistors

One of the most common problems with motherboards has to do with capacitors. Capacitors and resistors are the most frequently used components in electrical and electronic circuits. The problem persists wherever a capacitor is used and only one thing can be done with them, Replace. Discovering a faulty capacitor is easy: is the one with the bulging top and an electrolytic glue leak.

Most of the Capacitors expel the electrolyte fluid into them. This material can be dried on the back or leaks into the circuit board. At worst, the condenser explodes due to excessive electrical voltage. If they are not damaged externally, you can check them using a capacity meter or a multimeter.

Resistances ensure that the current that arrives does not exceed certain values. Anything you exceed turns to heat.



Reprogramming and replacing BIOS on computers

Repairing BIOS on laptops and desktops in record time

Bios (Basic Input-Output System), it is essential for a computer to be able to get up and running and start the system boot process. It is physically placed on the motherboard, usually on a socket to allow easy replacement in the event of a failure or upgrade.

When we have a laptop with a damaged BIOS, it doesn't get to load the operating system. Instead, displays an error message immediately after turning on the laptop or just the computer doesn't start. When you've tried to repair the Bios at the level of software and this one is still unresponsive or working, the BIOS may be physically damaged, and that needs to be repaired or replaced by another. That's when you can resort to a specialized service like ours, to try to repair or replace it in case it is completely useless.



Repairing mobile phone motherboards

We provide computer service for the repair of your mobile motherboard

The motherboard of a mobile phone it's one of the most repaired parts, since most components of a terminal are located on the motherboard, and these must be repaired or replaced to get the cell phone running properly.

The most frequent repairs are:

  • Wet phone
  • Load IC change
  • Touch IC change
  • Memory IC change
  • Changing mofets
  • Change of resistance
  • Changing capacitors
  • Track recovery



Backboard reballing

We have computer technicians specialized in reballing

The Backboard reballing (Reboleo) it's a slow and laborious process that requires a lot of patience, technique and concentration. It involves desoldering video chip or any other chip on the motherboard, clean the two parts – the board and chip – and detect through a microscope if the Pads both sides are in good condition. If the fault is the microchip, must be replaced with a new one. Once we have our chip reboleado re-weld it to the plate.

Steps to Reballing

  • Disassemble the plate
  • Locate the failing component (it's not always the graphics chip)
  • Desoldering the BGA Chip
  • Clean the chip
  • Place the new balls for reballing
  • Check and fix the balls to the chip
  • Re-weld the chip
  • Assembling the motherboard

Major failures in Reballing cases:

  • When your computer turns on, but his screen doesn't
  • Your screen shows horizontal or vertical stripes
  • Your device (Computer, Phone, console or tablet) doesn't turn on



Chip Graphic Reballing

Reballing of graphics chip by expert computer scientists

Reballing (reboleo)Reballing (reboleo)

The Chip Graphic Has, in very little space, a very high concentration of tiny soldering points. The Reballing consists of replacing tin balls, soldering to motherboard with the Graphics Chip or GPU.

To perform the reballing the graphics chip, you have to remove the old or defective video chip, giving heat to melt the original tin. Step to be done with special machines and experts, that carry out this whole process with the most up-to-date tools on the market.


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