Motherboards Repair and Reballing

Repairing motherboards

Computer PRO offer repair service base plates

Computers, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Consoles


Placas Base

In most cases a motherboard can be repaired

Our technicians are trained to find any fault in his badge and professionally repárala, subject of a guarantee by repairing



He reballing (Reboleo) It is a slow and laborious process that requires patience, technique and concentration. It involves desoldering video chip or any other chip on the motherboard, clean both parts - the board and the chip and detected through a microscope if the pads of the two sides are in good condition. If the fault is the microchip, must be replaced with a new one. Once we have our chip reboleado re-weld it to the plate.

Reballing (reboleo)

Reballing (reboleo)

One of the major failures in cases of making Reballing are:

• When your computer is turned on but no screen

• The display shows horizontal or vertical stripes

• Your computer, Phone, Console tablet or no lights


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Motherboards Repair and Reballing
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