IT Development

Development-computer scientist

Website Development

Team of professional technicians specialized in the development of web pages

Inside our IT development service we have Web Design and Web Development of corporate websites, online catalogues, Portals, online websites and Virtual Stores with card receivables solutions (e-Commerce), dynamic and personalized websites on the Internet.

We have specialized in the development and graphic design of all kinds of Websites used as a communication channel, online or work tool or any other functionality offered by the Internet.

  • Choosing an appropriate domain
  • Advice on content and web technology to use
  • Web hosting management
  • Managing your email accounts

Our professional technicians are willing to advise you and develop your project properly. In the world of development, the time factors of creation and the amount, are very important. Our team is ready to find the best solution to your project and create it as soon as possible, respecting the general rates, no increase in the amount. You can ask for a quote without obligation.



Corporate Websites

We create corporate websites for the management of your business

We design and develop Websites without ever forgetting the profitability of the project. A website requires constant updating and improvement. We offer a personalized customer service, either by phone or email, because our service encompasses all Spain.

Your website will allow you:

  • Present your entity or company. Many people will get to know us through our website, and it will be the way to introduce them to what we do and what we are.
  • Making your products or work known. Using specific spaces to show what you do
  • Interacting with users. Offering regular and up-to-date information, which will allow us to receive your opinions and ideas and for users to share our information with other users…

In Informatica we work mainly with CMS, WordPress and Pretashop. We also develop projects manually, using languages like HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JAVA, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, etc. For more information you can contact us.



What is Web Design and Web Development?

We do web design and development, both essential to getting an effective website

The Web design takes care of the visuals of the website, prepares the visible part of a website using design tools, without going into developing the website using programming languages. Determines appearance and perception. Understand design, the website's navigation and color gamut, graphic design, the logo.

The Web Development is the field that implements the different functionalities of a website through programming languages. It handles aspects such as the creation or installation of a web manager, or the connection to databases or other sources of information. Covers functions such as registration, content management systems, e-commerce and any database application.



E-Commerce - Sell Online

We provide customized e-commerce solutions for online development

A Commerce, to be effective, must be properly conceptualized, and be developed with the end customer to which it is directed. In recent years the rise of e-commerce and the progression in users' buying habits have made this mode of sale increasingly exploited as a business model.

We work with the utmost care to ensure that visitors enjoy a pleasant and hassle-free experience with your online store. In addition to providing custom e-commerce solutions based on various platforms with a lot of functionalities, so selling your products or services is even easier.

We develop many innovative ways to add value to your customers' shopping experience by making sure they return. We adjust every aspect of your digital showcase to create a connection to your brand that transforms your visitors into loyal consumers.



Business digitization

We perform the digital transformation of your business to achieve greater performance

We optimize and automate your business processes: Tracking, data capture, document generation, Digitization, electronic notifications and other features that will revolutionize the way you work. Design expectations vary depending on the type of business we work with.

The use of technology in the business context always pursues a goal: achieve higher performance. To build on this momentum, companies need a well-planned digital transformation strategy by professionals

In Informatica we take care of:

  • Web design and development
  • Product update and management / Catalog
  • Updating and developing the e-commerce module / shopping cart
  • Database integration and management
  • Installing payment gateways
  • Integrating SSL certificates for secure transactions on your website.



Application Development

Custom application management and development services

For the application development it is necessary to take into account the following phases: Analysis, design, Construction, testing and implementation and support and maintenance. With flexible modular applications and you can improve time-to-market for new services. It can offer greater business alignment, customer engagement and return on investment for your applications.

Some of the applications we develop are:

  • Sales Management Applications
  • Accounting Applications
  • Stock or Inventory Control Applications
  • Web applications:
  • Private platforms
  • Portals
  • Online Stores

We use proprietary methodologies and tools to evaluate your application portfolio and identify the best approach to modernization, in addition to providing maintenance and security in a robust architecture.



Web Programming

Manage your site's web programming with experienced professionals

Website programming is one of the fields that has developed the most and every day surprises more for the great opportunities it opens and generates. Thanks to web programming on the Internet, servers, which are the binding, between our website and users, began to adapt to new technologies and their languages to improve their services. Allows you to generate a dialogue Online with users, making them receive the information they're looking for faster and more efficiently.

Types of Programming

  • Programming Backend: refers to the schedule that is performed to be executed on the server, no direct access to the web, and that relates to the database or information that needs to be processed.
  • Programming Frontend: is done on the customer-facing website to show the data it receives from the server.
  • Programming fullstack: refers to all of the previous two, covering the total project.



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