Repair screens and monitors

Repair screens and monitors


We do not repair monitors with physical screen breaks with visible internal or outdoor damage and larger than 20" inches.

Technical service in screen and monitor repair

Professional technical service specialized in the repair of screens and monitors

In InformaticaPro we have a technical service to repair screens and monitors. Two fundamental components of any computerized equipment, because through them users can interact with their computer and whose main function is visual.

If you have trouble with your laptop screen, or your monitor on and off, keeps flashing, freezes the image or just went out and didn't turn back on, means that your monitor or screen must be repaired.

These types of bugs can only be solved by a team of specialists. Our computer scientists will solve any kind of malfunction of your screen or monitor. In our workshop we have any screen necessary to make the replacement in the shortest possible time. Most repairs are done on the same day or overnight.

Collecting screens and monitors at home

We pick up and deliver your screen or monitor at home

To repair a screen or monitor, a number of useful tools are needed, so we do this kind of work in our workshop. However, we have Home Service and we do not charge travel costs if your home is within our free travel service area. You can check our coverage area Home service.

Our workshop is located in Getafe, But we toast technical service for the whole of Spain.

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Repair of all types of monitors and screens

We work on the repair of all kinds of models and brands of monitors and screens

Our team of Support is trained to work on repairing any malfunction or failure of your monitor or screen in the shortest time possible. We work all brands and models, regardless of size or resolution (Apple, Acer, Asus, Dell, Sony Vaio, Toshiba, Lenovo, Packard Bell, Hp, Alienware, Msi, etc). We always offer a personalized service to adapt to your needs.

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Where to repair your laptop screen in Madrid?

We repair your laptop screen with a computer service specialized in Madrid

Our exclusive computer screen repair service is trained to fix any kind of breakdown so you can continue to use your laptop in the shortest time possible. Laptop screens are integrated into the computer. Unlike monitors they do not have video inputs or outputs as they are directly connected to the laptop motherboard, although this one may have video outputs to connect, Precisely, external monitors. The quality of the laptop screen should be measured according to contrast, Resolution, level of black, uniformity and, the most important thing, the kind of technology you use.

Symptoms of on-screen failure

  • Black or no-bright display: This may be due to a failure to join the different layers that make up the screen.
  • Screen breakage: a break in the panel glass is in most cases due to a blow to the screen.
  • On-screen lines: vertical or horizontal lines are observed on the screen. If the lines appear to become wider or narrower, or change color when you apply pressure on the back of the panel, the problem is probably caused by the laptop's LCD screen and you may need to replace it.
  • Loss of uniformity or stains: An area of the screen looks darker or spots appear on the screen. Can be caused by poor monitoring treatment when it is being transported or because the panel is too tight.

Types of screen repairs

  • Led: are fine-profile, composed of light-emitting diodes or LEDs. This type of displays should not be confused with LCD screens with LED backlight, widely used today on laptops, monitors and TVs. On an LED display, light-emitting diodes are placed behind the screen and act like a backlight. This increases the definition and brightness of the monitor. They offer a faster dynamism and means of information, easy to replace and attractive to the recipient.
  • Lcd: they're pretty thin, with a glitter or matte screen. LCD technology consists of inverter module and backlighting specifies that it may vary depending on the display model.
  • Plasma/flat: in this case the technology uses small cells containing electrically charged ionized gases, or are they in essential cameras more commonly known as fluorescent lamps. Plasma displays also consume more energy than LCD and LED monitors, and are susceptible to "burned" images if left on for long periods of time.

How to detect screen failures – Monitor?

We provide computer assistance to fix the failures of your monitor or screen

For check that the fault resides on the screen and not on the video card or the computer's motherboard, we connect the laptop to an external monitor via the laptop's external video output (VGA, Dvi, Hdmi, Dp) which is usually located on the side of the team. If the monitor displays the image correctly we can ensure that the fault lies on the screen.

The screen or monitor of a computer or laptop are the most delicate components. Our screen repair service is prepared to give immediate response to your problem with a specialized assistance. If your screen has been damaged by a hit, pressure or a panel failure, we installed a new one of the same quality and resolution. We can repair your laptop screen with fast and secure service.

Repair damaged computer monitor

We repair your monitor in record time

If you need to repair your monitor, don't hesitate to contact our IT service in Madrid. The monitor has always been an essential part of the desktops of PC users. Without them, we couldn't see absolutely anything we're doing with the computer. A monitor is a peripheral for visualizing the data displayed by a computer. Monitors have not only been indispensable in the development of visual programs, but have also taken a key place in the evolution of computing itself.

Types of monitor repair

  • Lcd: LCD technology consists of glass panels including thousands of liquid crystals that react to light. The minimum resolution of such monitors has a definition that goes from 1280 X 720 Pixels, to the 3840 X 2160 Pixels. The response time of the image is the same as the one that takes a pixel to change color and is one of the most available options on the market.
  • Crt: are the oldest and it is a device that allows to visualize images using a beam of cathode rays. The CRT monitor is a device that allows the display of images from the computer via a video port to the circuits of the monitor.
  • Physically broken monitor.

Other types of screens and monitors

  • Tn: the longest time on the market, so it has managed to further reduce costs in the manufacturing process. It is present in a large number of monitors, mainly within the market Gaming. Its operation is based on a realignment of the liquid crystal molecules between two electrodes. In most cases they offer a response time 1 Ms (Millisecond). However, offer some pauperic viewing angles that force you to be right in front of the screen to perceive the image with quality.
  • Going: used on large diagonal monitors. Among its advantages are the high refresh rates they offer and a good static contrast ratio that enables a good result for using content with HDR. However, they usually offer reduced viewing angles and if we look at it from a few 45 degrees results in a degradation in contrast and color.
  • Ips: has an internal arrangement of liquid crystals that prevents leakage and loss of light. Offer a more realistic representation of color, which is why they are so used for photographic activity. They have a wide viewing angle that prevents color distortion. As Handicap have a poor contrast ratio and screen quality issues.
  • Oled: use light diodes from organic materials. The great advantage of OLEDs is that they don't need additional lighting as each pixel emits its own light. This allows you to make screens just a few millimetres thick, with ultra-low consumption, and even flexible. Among the drawbacks are the famous holdings and “Burned” image.

Key features of the screens – Monitors

  • Luminance: is a measure of the light intensity emitted by the monitor (is measured in cd/m2 or Nits)
  • Color depth: amount of color that the monitor is able to display.
  • Color spectrum: the different color spaces for which these have been calibrated (examples of sRGB or DCI-P3).
  • Aspect Ratio: is the relationship between horizontal and vertical dimensions, like for example 16:9 (for every 16 pixels wide, There's 9 high).
  • Screen size: it's the length (expressed in inches) of the diagonal of the monitor screen.
  • Screen resolution: the number of pixels on the screen, expressed as the product of the pixels of the horizontal part, multiplied by those of the vertical (Example 1920 X 1080).
  • Refreshment rate: is the number of times the screen is refreshed per second, and is measured in hertz (Hz).
  • Response time: the time it takes a pixel to switch from on to off and, Again, has ignited. It is usually expressed in milli seconds (Ms).
  • Contrast Ratio: is the relationship between the highest brightness that a monitor is capable of generating, with the darkest color it can present.
  • Delta-E: is the accuracy with which the monitor is able to represent a color. Usually, a Delta-E between 2 and 4 it's good accuracy, but below that, the human eye is not able to perceive the difference.
  • Viewing angle: is the angle measured in degrees, which a user can see the monitor screen well without distorting the colors.
  • Panel type: monitors use different types of panels, each of them with certain characteristics. They can be LED-VA, LED-IPS, LED-TN, etc.
  • Pixel size: the size of a pixel represented on the screen.
  • Video posts: a PC monitor must forcibly have video inputs, which can be from the outdated D-Sub (VGA) to DisplayPort or, on the most modern monitors, the new USB-C standard.

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We do not repair monitors with physical and visible screen breaks larger than 20".

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