Repair Cell Phones

Repair Cell Phones

Mobile phone repair

Professional Technical Service

Professional technical service specialized in mobile phone repair

We are a team of mobile repair professionals. We have the best tools to solve your team's problem. We repair all models, among which are brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Sony, ZTE, and many more.

If you can't bring your mobile to our workshop or just aren't from Madrid, to be overwhelmed, You can send your terminal, we will look for the problem and the best solution of this. Then we will contact you and communicate the solution. We do not charge for the detection of the fault.



Where to repair mobile phone?

If you're looking where to repair mobile phone in the community of Madrid, we offer professional technical service for mobile phone repair both Hardware as of Software.

Our workshop is located in Getafe, But we toast technical service for the whole of Spain. We also offer Home pick-up service for the Madrid community.


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Mobile phone - The must-have device

As if another part of our body were, we use mobile for everything. When it breaks down we have the urgent need to fix it soon, to continue our day as soon as possible. Even many people have even a "spare" cell phone to use while fixing the one that has been broken. We usually use our skills to try to make it work, but not even watching tutorials Youtube who promise to teach it all, we can do it. Going to professionals is always the best bet.



Repairing all types of mobile phones

We repair all kinds of models and brands of mobile phones

A good mobile repair involves leaving no room for typical failures. In such technical work, customers are looking for personalized attention from experts and professionals, who also have quality tools for reliable repair and spare parts that can be used in the facility to last long.

Your mobile always goes with you, and when the time comes it can break. When this happens we think we're running out of world. We are so dependent on this device that we can practically not live without it. When looking for a place to fix it, we don't just want it to be economical, but we also value a lot of the time when the problem can be solved.

Fast deliveries is one of the factors that concern us as customers. In InformaticaPro in many cases we manage to deliver the ready-made devices in just 2 Hours. Being able to count on a repair service with optimal value for money, united to be taken care of Online and with mobile device pick-up and delivery, it's quite an advantage.

The warranty is also usually an important point for the customer. Offer a guarantee of the repair work performed, demonstrates confidence between the user and the technician. It is an open door to the possibility of them rehiring the service in the future and/or recommend to others.

The importance we ourselves have attached to mobile devices in showing daily life, makes it necessary for the repair of these to be in the best hands, and for that what better than to have a professional technical service.



Professional Mobile Repair Technical Service

We offer the following mobile repair services


✔️ Changing mobile phone battery

When your phone doesn't turn on, doesn't keep the burden, or suddenly unloads, going from having 90% battery to a 10% within minutes, you're more than likely to need a new battery. It can also happen that the battery swells, especially if moisture has entered, because of excess heat or because the charger used did not have the right power. Changing the battery will be in charge of solving this problem immediately.

Bad practices that impair the proper functioning of the battery

    • Using a non-brand charger
    • Charging your device overnight
    • Having a burden of the 80% and load it
    • Using your phone while charging
    • Keeping the load when you've reached 100%


✔️ Mobile phone screen repair

Normally, the screen of a mobile is composed of two pieces. On the one hand, the LCD panel and on the other the glass also called touch screen or touch panel. When the mobile screen has cracks, but the LCD screen is intact, all you need is a simple glass replacement. Depending on the break and the type of smartphone we have, you have to change only the glass of the mobile or the entire structure of the screen

On most mobiles, we'll have to change both pieces at once, even if only one is the damaged component. This is because both pieces come together. Only on mobiles where your manufacturer manufactures the two components separately, we make repairs individually. I mean, or you change only the glass or just the LCD panel.

Symptoms of a broken screen

    • The phone stops working
    • No images appear on the screen
    • Only part of the image is displayed on the screen
    • Change color the screen, or part of it
    • Vertical lines may also appear


✔️ Mobile phone motherboard repair

The motherboard of a mobile phone one of the most repaired parts since most of the components of a terminal are located on the motherboard and these must be repaired or replaced to get the cell phone functioning properly.

The most frequent repairs are:

  • Wet phone
  • Load IC change
  • Touch IC change
  • Memory IC change
  • Change of mosfets
  • Change of resistance
  • Changing capacitors
  • Track recovery


✔️ Changing mobile phone charging connector

One of the most common mobile repairs, is the change of charging connector. The reasons for this breakdown are multiple, but using the wrong charger or using one that has too much power is often among the most common. If the connector is grounded or detached, Stuck, doesn't connect or doesn't keep a burden, Charging connector repair will fix the problem.


✔️ Repair mobile phone speakers

When the speaker is damaged, one of the symptoms is that the phone emits distorted and unclear sounds in the case of receiving calls or playing multimedia content, regardless of the intensity of the volume. It may also happen that the speaker does not directly emit any sound.


✔️ Microphone repair – mobile phone headset

One of the most demanded repairs is the breakdowns of the mobile phone microphone or headset. Normally there is no apparent cause for this type of problem to be caused, but exposure to liquids and other environmental elements can damage the part.


Useful tips for maintaining your mobile phone

It is important to make a good maintenance to our phones to be able to extend its lifespan. Among the main tips we should follow are the following:

  • Cleaning: Even if it seems simple, we can't forget to clean up in depth every little time our device; this includes the headphone and charger slots, as well as the screen and lenses of the cameras
  • Let the battery drain completely: Often, when we're running low on battery, we tend to put it to load, but if from time to time we let it run out completely, this will allow us to extend its lifespan and eventually have more autonomy.
  • Freeing up your phone's memory: if we have little memory, your phone will run slower than it should and your battery consumption will also be higher.


Major mobile breakdowns

The lifespan of these devices is about two years. However, mobile breakdowns are very common and often squat to us by surprise. Some of the most common are:

  • The screen is the most exposed element so it's main problem. One thing we can do is use protective screen and clean the screen regularly to prevent dust from accumulating.
  • The battery: it's common for the battery to perform less with use and to notice that they need more time to charge. To extend the life of our battery, let's turn off the phone from time to time to restart it and avoid leaving the mobile charging when the battery is already at 100%
  • Problems with the on/off button: it may be because of a factory failure, misuse or overuse of these buttons, that any liquid or sticky component that has impaired its operation has been poured. The solution to this problem restore the system or replace the buttons.
  • Charger: One of the first things that usually fails in a charger is the charging connector. Other common failures usually occur in the cable or USB port, if our charger is of this type. To avoid this it is recommended not to bend the cables when, for instance, We store them in the bag or suitcase and not use the chargers when they have external faults as it can affect the internal charger.


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