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Professional technical service in Getafe

Professional technical service specializing in computer repair.

We don't just work to solve your problem, but you will also receive the best tips to make sure your computer has a long and useful life. We repair computer breakdowns of any make and model.

If your equipment stops working or is not in optimal working condition it can be a real headache. Sometimes we usually want to fix things for ourselves to save us some money, but that "cheap comes out expensive", you can play us a bad trick in this specific case. If your laptop is running slow or not working properly, the right thing to do is contact computer specialists who can help you and advise you.

Computer science and new technologies play a key role in economic and social development. Both are present in virtually all the activities we do in our daily lives. We are inside an ever-growing economic sector, where the demand for expert professionals with the knowledge to build, maintain and repair a lot of equipment.

The correct handling of a computer is a very important task. We have technical service professionals to repair your problem also advise you of the best way for your computer to have a long and useful life.

Depending on the type of failure that has his team, our technicians can perform situ repair (local), in-workshop or remotely.



Where to repair computer in Getafe?

If you are looking for a place to repair a computer in the Community of Madrid, we offer professional technical service for computer repair both of Hardware as of Software.

Our workshop is located in Getafe, But we toast technical service for the whole of Spain. We also offer on-site computer service for the Madrid community.


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Home computer repair in Getafe?

Repair of home computers in Getafe with no travel cost

If you need home computer repair and don't want to travel to take you to a repair site, or simply prefer your equipment to be repaired at your own home you can count on us to make an appointment on-site computer service.

Call us or contact us through our contact. We will answer and shall confine the time and date for a free home visit, respecting their availability.


Check the coverage of our computer service with free commuting at home in the community of Madrid:

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Repair of all types of computers

We repair all types and brands of computers.

Computer repair has become a common practice for some years now. Being devices with high usability, either in the professional arena, personal or educational, need at some point a review or repair process by a specialist.

Repairing computers of all types:

  • Computers Desktop
  • Computers Laptops
  • Mini Computers
  • Computers Pda
  • Computers All in One
  • Computers Convertible
  • Computers Notebook
  • ComputersServers
  • Computers Workstation

If the computer is used as a working tool, they often store private and valuable information for the company. Similarly,, if it is for personal use it can contain photos, Documents, Files, data such as the DNI, Passwords, Bills. In both cases, any breakdown can be fatal. That's why we don't just have to handle it carefully, but also count a trusted professional technical service team it's of the utmost importance.



What computer repair services do we offer?


PC hardware repair:

Hardware Repair Service – The hardware corresponds to the components that make up the material part (Physical) and tangible from a computer, its electrical components, Electronic, electromechanical and mechanical.

  • Computer does not turn on.
  • The computer turns on, but you don't see the screen.
  • Screen with lots of grates and colors.
  • Beeps when you turn on the equipment.
  • The Internet doesn't work and the network card doesn't turn on.
  • Doesn't detect hard drive.
  • Metallic sounds when turning on the equipment.
  • Vibration sound when we turn on the computer.
  • Hardware cleaning
  • Other hardware repairs

Hardware Components

    • Processor or CPU: fundamental component, is responsible for interpreting and executing instructions and processing data.
    • Motherboard: circuit where all other computer components are connected. Also known as Motherboard O Mainboard
    • Memoria RAM: RAM means Random Access Memory, literally random access memory. is the main memory that a computer system works with, it's a set of chips that store information
    • Hard drive: data storage device that relies on a magnetic recording system to store digital files.
    • Solid-state drive: data storage device that uses memory Flash non-volatile to store data.
    • Power supply: is responsible for converting the alternating current (Ca), in one or more continuous currents (Cc), that power the various circuits of the electronic device to which it is connected
    • Sound card: expansion card that is installed on a computer or other electronic device and allows audio output controlled by a computer program called a driver or
    • Graphics card: component specialized in graphics processing.

In these cases our technical service you can solve your problem on site - local because in PRO Computing we have on-site technical service in Madrid. In some cases the repair can be performed in situ and need to pick up the equipment for repair in our workshop, but this is not a concern because our collection service is free to the south of Madrid.


PC software repair:

Software Repair Service – The software are the logical components (Intangible) computer. The problems software are failures caused by a program or by the operating system itself, or even computer viruses. Such failures cause system instability and malfunction when performing common tares. A software damaged causes:

  • Operating System Cleanup
  • Virus Cleanup
  • Windows errors
  • Apps that run excessively slow
  • The Internet doesn't work (but instead if you have a connection)
  • Pop-ups appear in your browser of unknown origin
  • Icons appear near the clock in the lower right corner, alerting of the need to install a software protection virus you don't know.
  • Other software repairs

Three types of Software

    • System: Elements that enable system maintenance in the global: operating systems, device drivers, servers, Utilities, diagnostic tools, correction and optimization.
    • Programming: Different alternatives and languages to develop computer programs: text editors, Compilers, Interpreters, linkers, Debuggers, integrated development environments (Ide).
    • Application: Allows users to perform one or more specific tasks in any activity field: office applications, for system control and industrial automation, educational software, software Business, database, Telecommunications (Internet), Video games, software Doctor, assisted design software (Cad), software numerical control (Cam).

In case of problems or software installations our technicians may unsuming at your home or remotely connect to your equipment and perform the repair / installation.


PC motherboard repair:

Motherboard repair service – Processor, Memory, Keyboard, hard drive, Screen, Cables, housings and screws are connected to the motherboard. This is responsible for receiving and managing the current, video signal, data entry and output, etc. Contrary to what you think, they usually fail with some frequency. When this happens, usually the motherboard has any of these symptoms.

  • The computer / laptop doesn't turn on or doesn't give video.
  • Try to turn on, but it goes out.
  • The computer / laptop takes video without brightness on led internal display.
  • The computer / laptop is constantly locked and it's not memory.
  • Smoke comes out or smells of burning.
  • The computer / laptop does not charge and is not the battery.


PC graphics card repair:

Graphics card repair service – One of the most common problems that computers face / laptops is the failure in the graphics chip. The graphics card, as colloquially we usually call it serves to process the video image that we receive on our screen or monitor. She is responsible for giving image and video as well as speeding up the internal processes of the computer so as not to saturate the RAM. When the graphics chip is in bad shape, symptoms are:

  • No video appears on the laptop screen. If we connect an external monitor there is also no signal.
  • Streaks or meaningless pixels appear on the screen.
  • Occasionally the laptop starts perfectly until it goes black again at the same time.
  • The computer / laptop seems to work well until it heats up (usually after a few 15-30 Minutes) and stripes start to come out on screen.

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