Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Computer Repair – We offer professional service

repair of all types of computers

The correct handling of a computer is a very important task. We have technical service professionals to repair your problem also advise you of the best way for your computer to have a long and useful life.

Depending on the type of failure that has his team, our technicians can perform situ repair (local) remotely.

• Repairs on Hardware:

In these cases our technical service You can solve your problem the site - Local Computer PRO because we have home service. In some cases the repair can be performed in situ and need to pick up the equipment for repair in our workshop, but this is not a concern because our collection service is free to the south of Madrid.

• Repairs on Software:

In case of problems or our technical facilities Software you can despasarse at home or remotely connect to your computer for repair / installation.

Check out our collection areas and free movement.

Contact us and ask for their budget without any compromise.


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Computer Repair
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