Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance for Business and Private

We offer professional it maintenance technical service for businesses and individuals

The Computer maintenance consists of a series of actions that ensure the proper functioning of all computer equipment, both at the level of software as of hardware. Our team of computer technicians performs all the actions of it is computer maintenance for both companies and individuals.

Planned computer maintenance can improve productivity, reduce costs and extend the life of equipment, in addition to preventing failures that can cause significant time wasted. We evaluate each case in order to provide a personalized attention. You can apply budget without commitment.



Types of Computer Maintenance - Hardware and Software

We perform all kinds of computer maintenance of hardware and software

Computer maintenance, either Predictive, preventive or corrective, is done to ensure the proper functioning of a complete communications environment and the total scenario of computer equipment and systems as a whole.

Whether it's software as of hardware, IT maintenance should always be planned and executed by qualified personnel with a proper profile for task. In Computing Pro we perform all kinds of computer maintenance with a team of highly experienced specialists.

We have a service collection and delivery of equipment without travel costs in cases where the domicile is within our free travel coverage area. To get this information, you can check out our coverage area Home service. Although our workshop is located in Madrid, you can send us your team from anywhere in Spain. In these cases, the cost of transport is borne by the customer, who I'm going to have contact us before shipping.


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Support and maintenance web pages

We offer website support and maintenance service for businesses and individuals

The area of our web maintenance service it's very broad. We offer support for web pages (static or dynamic), e-commerce, servers, database, profile maintenance Google, Facebook, Youtube, and many more areas.


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Predictive computing maintenance

We perform predictive maintenance to diagnose and anticipate a problem

In this type of maintenance it is very important to system diagnosis. Diagnostic tools allow you to anticipate failures before they happen. The monitoring software it's the best way to do it. Different variables are automatically measured that can identify different errors or changes that can anticipate them.



Preventive it maintenance

Technical team specialized in preventive computer maintenance of on-site or remote hardware and software

The goal of the preventive it maintenance is to ensure the operation of hardware and software. Try to anticipate computer problems to minimize network downtime. "prevent is better than regret", and never better said. This type of maintenance prevents possible failures and improves the operation of the equipment.

We are a computer equipment with great experience in the repair of Hardware and Software. We have high knowledge of virus and operating system technologies. We will not keep your device without working on the incident. Our computer maintenance service in both Hardware as in Software, it's focused on computers, Screens, Phones, Tablets and Consoles.



Corrective computer maintenance

We take care of correcting all your computer failures with corrective maintenance

It's the kind of support that works when the previous two have failed. Its main objective is to resolve system failures or errors, but not just that. It's also important to know what caused the error, to prevent it from happening again. While preventive maintenance tries to avoid errors, The corrective maintenance is the one that fixes computer failures that may occur.



Network support and maintenance

Technical service for it maintenance and support of all types of networks

This computer service includes support for all kinds of networks created with Windows, Linux o Server. We can do it remotely or it can be done on the premises. From Pro Computing we perform network authentication, proactive network maintenance and resolve any problems or issues that may occur on the network. We advise you on the design, installation, Configuration, start-up and maintenance of your computer network.

The project installing a network should be designed according to the needs of the customer's computer equipment. We solve all problems that may arise from the starting point of the network to install the wiring. We install your computer network and offer a total guarantee in the installation because we have professional technicians specialized in the installation and structured wiring of voice and data cables.



Installation and maintenance for POS - Local and remote

We provide support and install POS on-premises and remote

POS or Point of Sale Terminal is a must-have tool for a store, restaurant, hairdresser or any kind of business. This is because most POS has a database where the owner can easily and automatically store information and use it.



Advantages of computer maintenance

Computer maintenance is of great importance for the proper functioning of your devices

The computer maintenance makes it possible to lower costs in it repairs and maintenance, not counting the savings of the fact that there is nothing that hinders the work of the day to day. It is necessary not only for all kinds of companies (Large, medium or small), but also for individuals.

Some of the advantages of computer maintenance are:

  • Fixed fee, no unexpected expenses for the breakdown of your machinery.
  • You don't pay more than agreed, no increases in the bill for the service provided.
  • Maintenance guarantees. With the assurance that everything works as it should be.
  • More seriousness and priority as it is a fixed customer
  • Savings on unnecessary expenses such as equipment formatting, tune-ups or repairs.
  • Possibilities of technical assistance.

Some of the actions that are taken during computer maintenance

  • Periodic team reviews. Make sure that they work properly and that the software be up-to-date.
  • Control and maintenance of servers. So important is having functional and secure computers, like the server that links them. That's why, you are tested periodically.
  • Repair of computers, servers and peripherals. So that a breakdown doesn't stop you from production, we respond quickly to breakdowns on computers, printers or scanners.
  • Computer security. It is vital to review both network and computer security to prevent attacks on your data, as well as having a good antivirus designed for business needs.
  • User permissions. Not all workers in a company should have access to all the information in this company; that's why it's important to manage who and how you can access data.
  • Backups. To avoid the loss of information it is very important to have a good automatic backup system, both on physical devices and in their data in the cloud.


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