Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance

We provide professional computer maintenance

for individuals and companies


• Hardware & Software

Our computer maintenance of both Hardware and Software service is focused on computers, Screens, Phones, Tablets and Consoles.

We also offer Remote Support. Access on your computer remotely. Configure your software properly and according to the functional capability of your computer.

• Networks

This service includes support for all types of networks created with Windows, Linux o Server – It can be done in locally or remotely.


The area of our web support services is very wide. We offer support for web pages – static or dynamic, servers, database, Google maintaining profiles, Facebook, YouTube and many other areas.


TPV or Point of Sale It is an imprescriptible tool for a shop, restaurant, hairdresser or any other type of business. This is because most of the POS have a database where the owner can save information and use it in an easy and automatic.

We offer installation and support for POS – Local and Remote

For questions about maintenance services, contact us.


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Computer Maintenance
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