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Improving computer performance

The passage of time is not only physically noticeable in people, but the years also take an invoice for our teams. A computer does not work in the same way as just purchased as after several months or years of use. A computer's performance … see more

What is the digitization of a business?
Digitization provides huge growth opportunities for all types of businesses

Digitization is the process through which we convert any analogue information into digital with the aim of improving access to that information, either documents, photographs, Plans, Maps, etc. But … see more

What is an operating system?
An operating system is the set of software (system software)

An operating system (SO) is the structure that supports and manages all programs and parts of a computer. It is the software in charge of managing the resources of your team's hadware, and allows you to … see more

HDD or SSD. What's the best option to choose?
HDD vs SSD, what's the best option to choose? Hard drives (Hdd) and solid-state units (RS%) are two computer components that store data differently. Each type of unit has advantages and disadvantages, decide to … see more

The best processors for games and design - March 2018
If you are planning to change your computer you should properly choose your processor since it is one of the most important components for a PC. If the use of the same is oriented only to navigation by internet or the office could … see more

Illustrations by Mark Powell boli
The surface to draw or paint an illustration can give equal, If one has sufficient technique and creativity to devise them and know to make the most of it. It wouldn't be the first time that we saw small works of art in a towel or a sheet … see more

Art 3D painting with thread and network layers
The Thai artist of 33 years, Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew, He painted 3D images with many layers of thread and network that will capture your attention seem ghostly images in the first impact.

He discovered this technique by accident in 2001 When, … see more

In this last month of the year 2015 we also present the ranking of the best graphics cards of the year.
As you know one of the main components for mounting a high-performance computer (to play games or design) certainly the graphics card. Other components are also important as … see more

Mini PC NUC5PGYN – Intel launches its new mini computer.
The prestigious brand has launched a new mini PC model in its line NUCs. This compact computer model makes a huge difference with respect to the previous models since it comes with everything you need to … see more

The most important component of a computer without a doubt is the microprocessor.
To mount a high-performance computer fit to play good games we should choose our central processing unit or central processing unit (known as CPU).

In this post we show the best Intel processors & AMD para 2015 – ordered … see more