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Creative web design for businesses and individuals

We take care of the creativity and design of your website to increase your sales

Web creativity plays a key role in the success of your online business. In a globalized world like today, hungry for success on the net, just being present on the web is not a viable option. You need to have a website that represents your company and fulfills your stated purposes or goals. So if you're looking to succeed in the online world make sure you have a creative page.
We have many years of experience in prioritizing each user's experiences to translate them into increasing our customers' sales. Layout in HTML 5, Responsive Design, WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Web maintenance and management, community manager, web solutions, e-commerce, migration of domains.


Web Design and Professional Development

We develop and design your professional website to achieve your business goals

We are experts in designing and developing websites to increase sales of each brand, product and service of any sector. We know the technical and aesthetic mechanisms that will help you achieve your goals. A professional web design that conveys confidence, with a careful brand image (logo design, chosen colors, style of photographs), is paramount to your website.
Moving the entire philosophy of a company to digital on a website is an arduous task that involves great communication between the client and the marketing agency. The need to rely not only on graphic design professionals but also on digital marketing professionals, it's extremely important. It is necessary to understand the communication strategy of the company as a whole.


Responsive design for web pages

We adapt your website to any device for proper viewing

We make sure that your website works from any device, creating the responsive design tailored to the multi-device needs of customers and at the same time we are testing the mobile version of their website.
The way users browse has changed, and therefore brands should take this into account. Currently more than half of users who access the Internet do so from a mobile device. That's why it's essential that the page has a correct display and adapts to any device, either thanks to a responsive design or a mobile version of the web. The key lies in the correct display of the website on different platforms and mobile devices, Tablets, etc


Online stores – E-commerce

We turn your business into an online store tailored to your needs

We design online stores fully tailored to your needs, with responsive design for mobiles and tablets, integrated into social media, and with a high SEO optimization for search engines.
We perform a comprehensive service to develop your business as an Internet sales platform, advising throughout the process on the best decisions to make to make your project work. We use the latest e-Commerce platforms, how Prestashop, Magento, Opencart and Woocommerce for WordPress, and we'll offer you the one that best suits your project.
When we design the texts of the landing page or the website we always do it with SEO mentality, highlighting the keywords and that will position us in the natural searches that will attract potential visitors, interested in our product or service.


Online marketing – improve your business on the Internet

We develop Online Marketing strategies with all advertising tools

The Marketing Online is certainly an essential aspect for the success of any business project in the network. At Informatics PRO we take care of analyzing the market, trends, competition and finding that differentiating point of your product or service is our mission.
We develop strategic proposals based on the advertising tools needed to meet your sales business challenges in coordination, positioning and reputation.


Social media – social media management

We manage your company's social networks to optimize its presence on the network

The Social networks are growing by leaps and bounds and more and more companies are taking their presence in them seriously (Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest...). The great utility of corporate profiles has triggered the number of companies that have fully entered Social Media Marketing to optimize their presence in the network.

¿What we give you in PRO Computing?

  • Social Reputation

    We monitor our customers' online reputation and competence by conducting diagnostics and proposing strategies.

  • Strategy

    We propose the strategy to approach your online community and generate an appropriate editorial plan.

  • Community Managers

    With them we stimulate, we manage actions, conversations and interactions on networks.

  • Engagement

    We develop spaces for brands, we create blogs and promotions on networks to increase engagement.

  • Positioning

    We develop and implement organic positioning strategies combining with search engine advertising, SEO and SEM.

Do you need professionals to build trust to your customers?

We become your external Marketing and communication Department, We carry out your marketing actions needed to achieve your goals. We put at your disposal a team of professionals who will be responsible for designing the strategy and communication plan of your company, developing and implementing actions necessary to enhance your sales.

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