Mini PC NUC5PGYN – Intel launches its new mini computer.
The prestigious brand has launched a new mini PC model in its line NUCs. This compact computer model makes a huge difference with respect to the previous models since it comes with everything you need to … see more

Repair of computers

Professional technical service in Getafe

Professional technical service specializing in computer repair.
We don't just work to solve your problem, but you will also receive the best tips to make sure your computer has a long and useful life. We repair computer breakdowns of any make and model.
If your team … see more

Home computer scientists in Madrid
Express Technical Service
Express IT service to Home in Madrid at no cost of travel
More and more people are requesting a home computer service. The convenience of being able to solve the problems that our teams may have without having to move us from home is … see more

Website Development
Team of professional technicians specialized in the development of web pages
Within our IT development service we have the Web Design and Web Development of corporate websites, online catalogues, Portals, online websites and Virtual Stores with card receivables solutions (e-Commerce), Websites … see more

Computer Maintenance for Business and Private
We offer professional it maintenance technical service for businesses and individuals
Computer maintenance consists of a series of actions that ensure the proper functioning of all computer equipment, both software and hardware. Our team of COMPUTER technicians performs … see more


Mobile phone repair
Professional Technical Service

Professional technical service specialized in mobile phone repair
We are a team of expert professionals in mobile repair. We have the best tools to solve your team's problem. We repair all models, among which are brands like Apple, … see more

Console and tablet repair service
Professional Technical Service specialized in the repair of consoles and tablets
It is currently difficult to find a professional technical service for repairing trusted consoles and tablets. Technology surrounds our lives and complements all our usual activities. Electronic devices accompany us during … see more

Custom Computers - Custom Assembly
Technical computer equipment specialized in custom assembly of custom custom computers
When hiring our custom computer assembly service you will have the expert advice of professionals with extensive experience that will recommend those components more suitable depending on the use you go … see more

Installing surveillance cameras
Professional service specialized in installation of surveillance cameras
Installing surveillance cameras correctly and according to user needs is key to achieving high-efficiency goals. Proper selection of technical equipment, like IP cameras (Internet Protocol), CCTV cameras … see more