Computer Repair – We offer professional service

repair of all types of computers

The correct handling of a computer is a very important task. Nosotros disponemos de servicio técnico de profesionales que además de reparar su problema le aconsejarán de la mejor forma para que su ordenador tenga una vida largasee more

Technical Services – Hardware y Software
We repair computers at home without travel costs.
If you have problems with your computer and do not want to carry around a site repairs or prefer your machine repaired in their own homes you can count on us.
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Computer PRO offer repair service base plates
Computers, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Consoles

Placas Base
In most cases a motherboard can be repaired

Our technicians are trained to find any fault in his badge and professionally repárala, subject of a guarantee by repairing

He reballing … see more

Repair screens and monitors – Professional service

If you have trouble with your laptop screen, or your monitor on and off, keeps flashing, the picture freezes or just turn off and not relit, This means that if monitor or screen must be … see more